Thoughts are sometimes like whitecaps

no matter on beer or waves

1.000 Words in car

Today I had my inspiring moments in my parents‘ car. Yes, I am a 35 year old woman who is on the road with her parents and even like it.

Actually, a family day was not really there in my plan for the weekend with respect to the catch-up of writing.
Midweek it is often difficult to write to me. Then I have to work, take care of my fine little family. Thus, in the week writing is sometimes more of a hindrance, in addition to all the commitments that are still there.
But at the weekend, this is the agreement, belongs to me the silence for typing.

Well, today it was different. We were on a winter exhibition. Okay, it was very into Christmas. – On the way, I’ve only brought it to 1,000 words! My family is fantastic!

And now my request to all of you out there who read me regularly. Please, support me, cheering me on, shows me that you are there and also supports the NaNoWriMo! Donation for me! thank you!

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