Thoughts are sometimes like whitecaps

no matter on beer or waves

The worst ever happend!

Today something happened, what a writer should never happen! My complete plot sparked in my head into nothing and my thread blurred completely.
I’ve never been a structured, subtle woman, what such things were concerned. I’ve always acted on instinct. But that was the absolute hell today.
I must confess that I almost cried in despair and panic.

When I woke up this morning, it was as if my brain would be set to a completely new story and I first did not know how I should combine these two plot lines.
But, I have succeeded. Although I can not take care of everything from the first track line, but a large part of my story and that leaves make an interesting progress and the main female part a new depth.

I suspect the change thus came into being, since my head refused to be more personal in what I wrote and faded memories of a lot of things.
From a personal novel is a kind of love story unfolds with drama aspect. One, in my opinion, very interesting story.

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