Thoughts are sometimes like whitecaps

no matter on beer or waves

I DID IT!! 50,000 words!!

I’m just so indescribably, inconceivably, so incredibly proud of myself!
I got the 50,000 exceeded, overrun and without realizing it!
And I want to thank you! THANK kenb45 who has supported me really, has cheered me and especially at the moment in which I wanted to give up because my plot had been lost.
He has become a really great writing buddy. Thanks Ken!
and now it is your turn. You can do it that is also, I know!
I believe in you, just as you have believed in me!

And I have to thank rabbit and Flower. absolutely! – Two wonderful, great people who have not even moaned that I had no time for them!

And with my daughter! God, I have such a damn great, ten year-old daughter with so much understanding that I could scream!
And with my parents, who although still grinning, but … awww, I love them … and in general …

Ken … It’s your turn, make the 50,000!

If someone is looking for me, I’m off to cope with my luck shortly. – Holy Molyhelmet

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